1 mei 2002

woensdag 1 mei 2002 08:32 uur

Earl: “Oh wise one what do you name this child?”
Wise One: “Hence forth this child shall be named…..”
Baby: “I’m the baby: gotta love me!”
Wise One: “Baby Sinclair.”
Secretary: “Baby Sinclair! Aproved!”
Earl: “I could have done that.”

Not the Mama, Not the Mama

Robbie: “What are we going to do with little ‘Ah Ah, I’m dying you idiot?'”
Fran: “I don’t know but we’d better think of something quick because I’m concerned! Remember the way we used to tease little EH, Excuse Me Berkowitz?”
Baby: “EH Excuse Me! Ha Ha Ha what a looser?”

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